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 HYC packaging factor was established in November 1994 which is located in South 8, South Industrial Village in Huangpu District of Guangzhou. The factor has an area of 8000 square meters, and the warehouse foundation is slightly higher than around. It will help prevent the breeding of insects and not easy store the surrounding water. Factory has convenient transportation which is near the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway. The plant is designed which followed the GMP requirements. HYC has the workshop with fitting high-quality, decoration materials with a crack, anti-broken, air-conditioning plant, terrazzo floors, white tile walls, ceilings and hanging fire panels, aluminum alloy glass doors and windows, stainless steel table, and stainless steel shelves. The shop had installed a closed-door entrance and wind-screens; the production site has set up anti-mosquito lights, temperature hygrometer and rat cages. ?Each 1/30m has a fire extinguisher, and each workshop has the installation of production sterilization lamps.

HYC Packing Factory has been provided high quality services for P&G for 13 years. We have many high quality staffs, as well as a team of experienced managers, and to establish a good management system.

Tell:020-82361601/82361602 Fax:020-82362099 Add:No.99 Fuda Rd, Shuangsha Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Guangdong China.
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