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Since the beginning of February 2005, HYC logistics cooperated with a Japanese logistics company, Nippon Express which is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world. The cooperation logistics project is to transport the parts of a famous auto vehicles which has as much as 15 suppliers from southern China area to the production area – Hubei province. This project has particularity requirement and it is rare in China’s logistics industry with the following characteristics:

  1、Professional operation of the vehicle transportation: the main model of transportation truck in this project is the curtain model truck and the flying-wing vehicle model. These kinds of models vehicles have highly efficient loading and unloading. It’s the first logistics company to run this model operation in south China's logistics market.
   2、Higher-quality logistics of the project:
   this project is a long-distance cross-road transportation, with the following characteristics:
    Time plan: according to customer requirements, delivery to the destinations on time;
    Safety: the value of auto parts is expense, planning of the production is timely, security requirements are high standards;
    Accuracy: Southern China area is the largest volume region of the projects, one transportation truck need load with many varieties parts and high-accuracy requirements.
  3、Standard containers can be reused. To transport auto part professional, we will use the auxiliary to bundled materials parts in scientific and reasonable method.
   4、HYC adopted global positioning system (GPS) to track the entire process, and provide transportation tracking information services.
   HYC logistics will follow customer-oriented policy; contribute the research to the domestic automotive logistics business, and take it as an opportunity to advance in logistics area.

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