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 Introduction of the operation:
   Distribution is known as secondary transportation or the end of the transportation. According to the sales department’s orders request, HYC will reasonable arrange for the delivery of the vehicle loading, high-performance, fast and safety delivery of goods to customers where is the final destination.
   The multi-transportation modal characteristics:
1、The multi-transportation modal can use of a variety of advanced methods such as railway– sea freight, land road – sea freight, land road – railway and other modes of transport conversion, to delivery the goods safe and fast. To connect to the whole process of linking together, so that HYC can do the “door-to-door” in the different national, provincial and municipal district.
2、Although to use different modal transport, but the freight rate is calculated in one single rate for the whole transport.
3、Multi-modal transport can have a variety of delivery mode of operation, including:a、door-to-door,b、door-to-station,c、door-to-factory,d、station-to-factory,e、factory-to-station,f、factory-to-door ,g、station-to-station .

  Multi-modal transport advantages:
1、multi-model can use a variety of advantages of different transport,
2、it is convince for the owner ,
3、improve the quality of the transport of goods,
4、reduce transportation costs;
   The modal of the multimodal transport:
                  Auto – Air freight -- Auto
      Auto – Sea freight – Auto
      Auto – Railway – Auto


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