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1、Good Warehouse Location 
  The warehouse is located in Shuangsha Industrial Park, which is near Huangpu district of Guangzhou City and NO.107 State road. It is only 2 minutes drive from Guangyuan highway, and 5 minutes drive from Guangzhou Huangpu Economic development. ?It is adjacent to the North Central Highway and good communications。
2、Warehouse Area
  HYC has a total of four land area of 65,000 square meters; the total of the warehouse area is 40,000 square meters.
General WHS: 20,000
square meters
NO.2 WHS: 8300
square meters
NO.3 WHS: 3800
square meters
NO.4 WHS: 9900
square meters
3、The type of storage:
4、The value of service:
  4-1、HYC can provide service for customers 24/365. According to customer needs and reasonable arrangements, we will arrange the operating hours;
    4-2、Now, HYC has the standard warehouse shelves and warehouse, but the price is reasonable, and lower than the average market prices;
    4-3、To provide high-quality, systematic management level of service, manager will have a meeting weekly with the supervisors to identify issues and solve problems, continued to create value for customers;
    4-4、In accordance with the needs of customers, our service is the secondary goods packaging, packing, strengthening services and so on. HYC has a professional re-packaging manufacturing factory to provide packing service for P &G. HYC has the co-operation with P&G more than 10 years, and got many times GMP certification from P&G.
    4-5、According to the increase or decrease volume of business expansion capabilities, we can provide service of flexible warehouse area or other needs to customer to ensure the normal operation of business;
    4-6、Warehouse manager will have an operation meeting with customer monthly to discuss the operating issues.? The supervisor also will keep effective communication with customers daily. In additional, sales department will have a regular monthly survey for warehousing services, keep “Customer Satisfaction Survey” record and improve service through customer complaints.
5、Cooperation customers:
6、Warehouse facilities:
  Warehouse has 24/365 monitoring system, automatic temperature flu spray system and fire alarm systems. It is used the automotive fire protection equipment between warehouses to ensure customers’ goods safety.
7、Internal Warehouse tools:
  The use of the storage of high-frequency electric and electric-forklift truck forklift, pushing hydraulic hand truck, a small cart, tool-free dry modernized sound and pollution-free.
8、The package facilities:
  The independent Office in the warehouse will have the telephones, internet, canteens and toilets for staff daily life. ?Each employee has the interphone to communicate easily.
  There are iron fence, security booth, 24-hour inspection, fire facilities and 24-hour monitoring cam system around the warehouse to ensure the warehouse safety.
10、Staff Education background:
  Manager: college-level or higher;
   Supervisor: college or above;
   Statistics: secondary school and financial program;
   Warehouse Specialist: c or above;
   Forklift driver: high school and more than two years work experience

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